How your eCom brand can use 200 words or less to make an extra 5, 6, and possibly 7-figures…

How your eCom brand can use 200 words or less to make an extra 5, 6, and possibly 7-figures…

Own an ecom brand? Want to make huge ROI without email, SMS, or even ads?

Then read on…

Because you’re about to learn how an “old-school” method produced results like this:

🟢 More than $276,000 from a single campaign

🟢 Another campaign out-performed email 18 to 1

🟢 And yet another achieved a 10x ROI targeting “unreachable” customers who had unsubscribed from email and SMS!

Let’s dive right in…

Email inboxes are battered with sales. SMS Marketing has people pitching their phones against walls in fits of rage. And you’re spending what feels like the GDP of a small country on ads you just hope will break even, right?

It gets worse...

You’re not just competing with other ads, emails, and SMS.

You’re competing with Netflix… TikTok… Instagram…

Family time. Work commitments. School plays.

Listen… If you feel overwhelmed – imagine how your customers feel. No matter where they turn they’re slapped across the face.



“UP TO 75% OFF”

How do you stand out from the noise? By getting into their home and right in front of their faces!

Wrestling their attention away from their emails… Away from their phones… And away from the stresses of the day.

This method will even work with your “unreachable” customers… The ones who bought from you but unsubscribed from email and SMS.

And it’s 100% legal. No need to worry about CCPA or GPDR. Here are the 4 steps you need to follow:

** Step 1: Pick Your Target **

This method is powerful. But like everything, infinitely more powerful when you aim at the right target. And even better…

You don’t need a big segment for this method to be mighty profitable.

Here are 3 segments that usually get the best results:

1. VIP Customers…

Your VIPs should be treated like they’re VIPs. And with this method and a good offer, (which I’ll cover next), you’d have a hard time not making bank.

Now… How do you find your VIPs? Well, here’s how I usually define a VIP segment:

  • Customers who’ve bought 3 times or more.
  • Or maybe they’ve spent over a certain amount with you, like 3x your AOV.
  • Or long-term customers who have shopped with you for 12 months or more.

Sometimes all three. Decide what makes sense for your brand. Here’s another choice…

2. The “Almost There” Customers

Want to increase LTV? Turn customers into brand ambassadors?

Here’s what to do: Grab a list of customers who have bought from you twice, but not three times. And you have your segment. Easy!

Now… What about those “unreachable” customers I spoke about?

3. The “Unreachables”

With this method, you can contact ANYONE who has bought from you. Even if they’ve unsubscribed from email and SMS.

Your “Unreachables” segment is just that: Previous customers who have opted out.

Ok. So now you have your target. You need your arrow…

** Step 2: Your Irresistible Offer **

Bon Jovi said he was shot through the heart. Then he blamed it on a girl. What. A. Dick.

You’re not going to be shooting anyone through the heart. But you are going to shoot an offer they'll find hard to refuse. I call it The “O.L.E Offer”…

🟢 Over-The-Top

🟢 Extremely-Limited

🟢 Exclusive

Put those three elements together. Play around with them. Have fun with it. Here’s an example…

“We chose 500 of our fave customers (congrats, that’s you!) and made 200 of these one-of-a-kind bundles.

Then we slashed the retail price by $75, AND…

If you’re one of the first 50 of our VIP customers to order…

You will also get the limited-edition 1-of-50 XYZ Widget for FREE!”

Hard to say no to, right?

Go ahead and write out 5-10 variations, then choose your favorite.

Done? Good. Now we bring it all together…

** Step 3: Get Attention + Get Inside Their Home **

If you remember I said this method was “old-school”. And I said you can even use it to contact customers who have opted out from email and SMS. Completely legally. Here’s what to do:

  • You’re going to take your segment and offer…
  • You’re going to put it into less than 200 words…
  • And then you’re going to send it by POSTCARD!

Think about it… Almost nobody receives mail! And if they do, 99% of the time it’s a bill or junk mail.

Would you be excited and amazed if you got an exclusive offer in the mail from a brand you like? Yep, me too. And your customers are no different!

🟢 You will stand out.

🟢 Your customers will feel special.

🟢 You’ll build a stronger relationship with them.

And best of all… You are almost guaranteed to make a frankly ridiculous ROI!

Thanks for reading, now go forth and profit! But before you do…

If you own an eCommerce brand doing $500,000 to $5,000,000 in revenue per year, and you want marketing that uses proven psychology and direct marketing principles to grow your revenue and profits…