Here’s how to gamify your eCommerce email marketing

Here’s how to gamify your eCommerce email marketing


Here’s how to gamify your ecom email marketing to…

🟢 Get more repeat customers

🟢 Get more 5-star reviews

🟢 Get more new referrals

🟢 And get more LTV

On repeat. Set it. Forget it. And profit. Here we go!


For this to work you will need to choose 4 money thresholds. Whatever makes sense for your brand and AOV. Example:

  1. $100 LTV
  2. $150 LTV
  3. $200 LTV
  4. $300+ LTV

TIP: Make your first level 2X your AOV


Remember: Set it. Forget it. And profit. Make your thresholds segmented flows inside Klaviyo. Example:

  1. Buyers who have spent more than $75 but less than $125

Do this for all 4 of your thresholds. CAUTION: Don’t let these segments cross over with any other flows.


Each segment will be slightly different. But the flow is the same… The aim is to guide them from one level to the next. With or without a discount. Your choice.

Here’s an example template:

Subject Line: Holy level-up, {{ first_name }}!

Body Copy:

Feel good about yourself? You should! Because you’ve reached Level 1 on our “Favourite Best Shoppers” list. Best part…?

You only need $X of goodies to reach Level 2.

(Optional Discount)


P.S. Your Level 2 prize is MAD!


Now… You COULD take just that email and plug it into your flows. Change it a little, and do very well. But we don’t want “very well”.

We want a full bank account.

And more customers.

And more reviews.

So we mix it up at each level. For example…

** Level 1 **

Email 1: As above. Discount if you want.

Email 2: Single reminder email

** Level 2 **

Email 1: Free gift on next purchase.

Email 2: Reminder - Ending soon

Email 3: Final Reminder

** Level 3 **

Here’s where we get some of those sweet, sweet referrals…

Email 1: VIP Special! $X for you and 3 friends - Limited time only

Email 2: Reminder - Ending soon

Email 3: Final Reminder

** Level 4 **

Here’s where we switch it up a bit more and get that good UGC… Email 1 Example:

“Oh. My. God. You’re at Level 4!

You’re one of the Top 0.1% of “Best Customers Ever!” and we want to celebrate you!

We’ve got a gift valued at $X waiting for you.

Send a video showing your love of BRANDX and we’ll send it!”

Make this huge. At least 1X AOV. Then continue on as before with the reminder/deadline emails…


Here’s why this almost always works: People naturally want to do more of what they are rewarded for. And they will almost always want to chase a goal. This quick little flow takes care of both of those triggers.

If you own an eCommerce brand doing $500,000 to $5,000,000 in revenue per year, and you want marketing that uses proven psychology and direct marketing principles to grow your revenue and profits…