8 Techniques For INTENSELY Compelling Copy…

8 Techniques For INTENSELY Compelling Copy…

Each of these strategies could bank you hundreds, thousands, if not millions of dollars when used correctly.

Get your pen + paper ready…

1. Make it about them not you

Nobody cares that your grandfather started the business with a rotten peach and a wrench. Tell people what you do for them. And show them how.

2. Use the power of imagination:

Your words must create a mental picture. Get your prospect to imagine their new better life. It’s can be as simple as writing “Imagine this…”

But do it.

3. Get them to say “yes” immediately:

People buy from people they like. You must immediately get your prospect to agree with you. Ask a rhetorical question. It works wonders. Example:

“Competition is harsh, and it’s hard to get clients in today’s market, right?”

4. Bring the drama:

You didn’t fall down… You crashed to the ground.

You didn’t smile… You beamed from ear to ear.


Look at gossip magazines for inspiration. National Enquirer and Buzzfeed are the kings of drama and gold mines for ideas.

5. Authority = Trust

There are authority figures humans naturally rarely question. Doctors. Nurses. Police. Professors. Attach your product to an authority figure and leverage their authority.

More trust = More sales

6. Repetition, repetition, repetition:

Repeat words. Repeat phrases. Repetition is powerfully persuasive. But be careful not to overuse it. And for the sake of baby Jesus in the manger…

Always ask for the sale repeatedly!

7. Make them FEEL something:

You must make people FEEL something! This is non-negotiable. And easy. You see, humans can feel sensory words. Example:

“Rough morning” has more feeling than simply saying “bad morning”.

8. Plant curious seeds:

“These seeds of curiosity cause you to subconsciously continue reading even though you might be at a point in the copy where the copy slows down.” – Joseph Sugarman

Sprinkle these little “curious seeds” throughout your copy at the end of paragraphs to keep people reading. Examples:

  • And that’s not all…
  • Let me explain…
  • But there’s more…

TLDR; 8 techniques for intensely compelling copy…

  1. Make it about them not you
  2. Use the power of imagination
  3. Get them to say “yes” immediately
  4. Bring the drama
  5. Authority = Trust
  6. Repetition, repetition, repetition
  7. Make them FEEL something!
  8. Plant curious seeds

Thanks for reading! Just one last thing…

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