3 Powerful Storytelling Frameworks for Email Marketing

3 Powerful Storytelling Frameworks for Email Marketing

Brands are using stories to get you to buy every day. Here’s how you can do the same in your marketing.

Make out with a bandit with these 3 powerful story frameworks:

1.) The Hero’s Journey

Star Wars. Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. The Matrix. Homer’s ‘The Oddessy’. All of these stories have one thing in common:

They use the Hero’s Journey template.

This is how to frame your story using the Hero’s Journey, step by step:

1. Call to adventure

2. Start the journey

3. Meet the mentor(s)

4. Challenges and temptations

5. Death & rebirth

6. Return a hero

Let’s take an example of this from Star Wars…

Luke starts in very humble beginnings. One day he meets robots who need to find a local hermit named Obi-Wan Kenobi. He takes them to Obi-Wan. Who proceeds to tell Luke he has to go save the world (rough Wednesday). Anyway…

On the journey, he meets Darth Vader, battles evil, makes friends… And despite nearly everything going wrong, Luke:

  • Blows up the Death Star
  • Transforms into a Jedi
  • And generally kicks stormtrooper's butts.

And becomes a hero in the process.

Here’s an easy way to use the Hero’s Journey in your marketing to make $$$: Take a customer journey and turn it into a story. Make it dramatic. Emphasize every twist and turn. And make your product/service the hero of the story.

2.) The Pixar Framework

Pixar and Disney are MASTERS at selling you with storytelling. But look closely and you’ll notice every story follows the same framework. Because it works!

Here’s how it (almost always) goes:

  • Once upon a time there was [BLANK]
  • Every day they did [BLANK]
  • But one day they discovered a problem. This leads them to [BLANK] bad situation.
  • They seek help and meet a guide - Who helps them solve [BLANK] problem.

You can easily use the Pixar Framework in any of your communication. All you have to do is be the [BLANK] that solves their problem. And they will pay you for it!

3.) C.A.R Framework (Context, Action, Results)

Fast, easy, and ultra-effective. This framework has sold billions of dollars, in every niche, every market, and every country. And the C.A.R framework is perfect for a quick email.

Here’s the basic frame for using it:

  • Set the Context (why they should care)
  • Provide a call to Action
  • Show them Results (how their life will transform)

This can be done in as little as one sentence…

“Tired Moms like you are using Wellnex to sleep better than babies.”

Now you know how to make out like a bandit with storytelling. But…

If you own an eCommerce brand doing $500,000 to $5,000,000 in revenue per year, and you want marketing that uses proven psychology and direct marketing principles to grow your revenue and profits…