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We Grow eCommerce Brands with Direct Response Fundamentals

eCommerce ain’t easy. That’s for sure. We’re here to make sure your pain & grind is worth it. We’ll help you grow your revenue & profit with timeless direct-response fundamentals, proven to work since before the days of Ogilvy.

This former International Chef now cooks up remarkable marketing for eCommerce brands.
This former International Chef now cooks up remarkable marketing for eCommerce brands.

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★★★★★ “We are getting great engagement from our mailing list and the emails have further cemented our brand and our mission. We also have a greater idea of our target audience and have narrowed down on who they are and what they like.” - Landon Nguyen, Founder, BuudaBomb

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About me…

I still like to eat good meals with a happy grin
I still like to eat good meals with a happy grin

Hi, I’m Jeremy.

Direct response copywriter + marketer, tattooed Australian, and my wife’s favourite husband.

For 17 years I was a 5-star international chef, merrily cooking my way across the world. Until one fateful day in 2018, I decided I needed a change.

So I swapped the high-paced world of hot and sweaty kitchens for a different grind: The comfort of a co-working space where I even get free coffee (how good is that?!)

Now I spend my days creating direct-response marketing for my eCommerce brand partners. Here are some highlights…


Grace Rose Farm

Collected $18,168 in 3 days with 3 emails.




Increased Click Rate from 5% to 15% and increased Placed Order Rate from 5.8% to 11.3% in less than 30 days, generating $18,300 - and that’s only the first email in the sequence.


What our clients say…


“Jeremy is an absolute stud of a Copywriter. He’s adaptable and versatile, so whatever comes up, I know I can count on him. He increased our revenue from the moment we hired him! Since then we have had a number of brands take off under his wing, all with impressive conversion rates. I can’t recommend Jeremy enough. If you want to boost sales or launch a new brand, he is the man for the job.”

Jacob Thomas-Vieira


“Jeremy has been an absolute rockstar for our business. Right from the get-go, we knew it would be an absolute pleasure to work with him. We simply just give him a short brief of the project we're working on, and he gets right to work with expert-level copywriting. It really sets up apart from competitors. Plus, the best part is the speed at which Jeremy completes his work. And most of the time no edits are needed at all. It saves us a ton of time and energy in our business, and we could not be more thankful. Looking forward to our ongoing partnership!”

Michael D.


“I tried many copywriters before but Jeremy has been the one that stood out the most. Fast delivery, great communication, and most importantly, great quality.”

Michael Koper


“Jeremy has been a pleasure to work with from the get-go. Super responsive and quick to reply, Jeremy has really helped improve my offers for a far better all-around experience for my customers. Since collaborating with Jeremy, our email campaigns and general interactions with subscribers have gone through the roof. Super happy with the results, I'll be using Jeremy for all of my copywriting needs going forward. Also, he's a really nice guy and transparent with his ways of working! Win-win!”

Joshua Dean



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