The Retention Engineer

Jeremy Essers: The Retention Engineer

I create retention marketing strategies and systems for DTC brands based on timeless direct response copywriting + marketing principles.

Increase your bottom-line with an extra 25-35%+ revenue per month
Create real long-lasting and profitable customer relationships.
Turn first-time buyers into loyal brand advocates who buy again and again

Look Mom, I’m on the internet!
Look Mom, I’m on the internet!

Brands I’ve worked with…



“We are getting great engagement from our mailing list and the emails have further cemented our brand and our mission. We also have a greater idea of our target audience and have narrowed down on who they are and what they like.” - Landon Nguyen, Founder, BuudaBomb

Case studies…

Want your customers to pay you forever?

Silly question, maybe. But here’s why I ask… Because too many DTC brands focus all their attention on customer acquisition.

They forget that it’s 8x easier to sell to an existing buyer than to get a new one. And no matter what happens, nobody can take your customer and subscriber list away from you.

I believe the customer & subscriber list are the single most valuable asset a brand owns.

Because thanks to those customers and subscribers you will always have a way to make sales.

Ok, let’s not beat a dead horse here. You don’t need me to tell you this, right?

You know how important retention is for your brand. You may even know the success of your brand relies on it. But even so, you might be…

  • Struggling to get opens, clicks, and sales…
  • Or your emails are landing in the promo tab, or worse, spam…

  • Maybe you don’t know what to send, or when, or how…
  • Or you’re getting one-time buyers, but can’t get that 2nd or 3rd purchase…

  • Maybe you can’t wrap your head around retention marketing…
  • Or you just don’t have the time or money to take care of it…

If this sounds like you, I may be able to help you…

  • Get 25-35%+ more revenue with proven retention strategies…
  • Speak to your prospects and customers in their language…
  • Create die-hard fans (who bring their friends along)…
  • Make money 24/7, 365 with automated sequences…
  • Build “hybrid” landing pages to increase conversions…
  • And reap all the benefits that come along with a great retention marketing!

But, are we a good fit…?

It’s important for both of us that we are a good fit. That way we can really knock it out of the park working together, and hopefully for a long time to come.

So to make it easy, here are the types of clients I can do the most for…

  • Healthy DTC businesses earning $500,000 - $5,000,000 per year in revenue
  • With an email list of subscribers (of course!)
  • And high-quality products customers love
  • With a red-hot traffic source reliably bringing in great prospects
  • And a desire to make 25-35%+ extra revenue per month with retention marketing
  • Who are ready to partner with an expert to make it happen

NOTE: If I can’t do anything to help you, or we’re not the right fit, I’ll tell you!

My 4-Step Process…

Step 1: The “Jacques Cousteau” Deep Dive

Jacques Cousteau is famous for diving, but even he couldn’t find deep-down gold like I do.

I explore every nook + cranny of your current retention marketing systems to find the low-hanging fruit AND advanced strategies your brand is missing.

But that’s just the beginning. On to Step 2…

STEP 2: The “FBI Profiler” Avatars

Bad news: Those image-filled emails from the top brands all hang out together. Where? In the promo tab of their email subscribers, gathering dust instead of sales.

What’s the solution? Speaking to your subscribers and customers like they’re real humans. Crazy, I know.

But to do that, you need to know your audience. And my market research system gives me “FBI Profiler” power to find out all about them, and what makes them tick.

My system is so powerful, one client even paid me $5,000 for a version of it.

Then comes the fun part… Step 3

STEP 3: The “B.S.P” Method

Build. Send. Profit. As simple as it sounds.

Taking the “FBI Profiler” information, and what I find from deep-diving into your current marketing, I assemble a strategy that educates, entertains, and creates connection with your customers and subscribers.

I’ll send campaigns to different segments of your audience with different messaging to get your brand more opens, more clicks, and more sales…

And create automated sequences that make + recover sales while you sleep.

But where’s the fun in doing that just once Step 4 is where it all comes together…

STEP 4: The “English Cycle Team” System

True story: Dave Brailsford took the English Olympic Cycling Team to incredible heights, incredibly quickly. He did it with 1% changes.

That’s the idea behind the final step of my process. Here’s how it works:

After each month I record every last drop of data from your account. But I don’t just look at what worked and what didn’t. I look at why it did or didn’t work. Then I incorporate that back into the “FBI Profiler” system.

This helps me find the adjustments – big and small – we can make for the next month. And I record a video explaining it all for you.

Then we jump on a call (or don’t – if you want me to take care of it, no problem at all!) and set out the plan of attack for the next month – to get even more opens, more clicks, and more sales.

And then? Rinse. Repeat. And improve every month.

Ready to get started? Awesome, check out my starter packages below!

Working together is like building any good relationship. We can’t just jump in the deep end.

While I do offer retainer packages, I like to do a little project together first. Kinda like going out on a date.

Choose your favorite from one of the two options below and click the button to book a call and get started (you will not be asked for any payment details):

Finally! An Audit That Could Make You A 96x ROI

Don’t know what to do or where to start? You need an audit.

Let me look “under the hood” and find 5 ways you can make money with retention marketing right now. Just one idea could be worth 96x the price of the audit!

What You Get:

  • “5 Ways to Make Money With Your List Now” PDF
  • Audit Report Explainer Video
  • Credit Towards Future Work!

$500 USD

Clear Out Your Warehouse / Sorry For Making You Order Stock

Got dead stock taking up space in your warehouse and P&L statement? Need a push to hit your monthly revenue goals?

Let me take care of that with a 5-part sales campaign. Guaranteed 4x ROI or your money back!

What You Get:

  • Winning Offer Consultation
  • 4 Sales Campaign Emails
  • Hybrid Product Page Lander
  • Reuse The Campaign Any Time!

$2000 USD

What my clients say…


“Jeremy is an absolute stud of a Copywriter. He’s adaptable and versatile, so whatever comes up, I know I can count on him. He increased our revenue from the moment we hired him! Since then we have had a number of brands take off under his wing, all with impressive conversion rates. I can’t recommend Jeremy enough. If you want to boost sales or launch a new brand, he is the man for the job.”

Jacob Thomas-Vieira


“Jeremy has been an absolute rockstar for our business. Right from the get-go, we knew it would be an absolute pleasure to work with him. We simply just give him a short brief of the project we're working on, and he gets right to work with expert-level copywriting. It really sets up apart from competitors. Plus, the best part is the speed at which Jeremy completes his work. And most of the time no edits are needed at all. It saves us a ton of time and energy in our business, and we could not be more thankful. Looking forward to our ongoing partnership!”

Michael D.


“I tried many copywriters before but Jeremy has been the one that stood out the most. Fast delivery, great communication, and most importantly, great quality.”

Michael Koper


“Jeremy has been a pleasure to work with from the get-go. Super responsive and quick to reply, Jeremy has really helped improve my offers for a far better all-round experience for my customers. Since collaborating with Jeremy, our email campaigns and general interactions with subscribers have gone through the roof. Super happy with the results, I'll be using Jeremy for all of my copywriting needs going forward. Also, he's a really nice guy and transparent with his ways of working! Win-win!”

Joshua Dean

About me…

Hi, I’m Jeremy.

Retention Engineer for DTC brands, direct response copywriter + marketer, tattooed Australian, and my wife’s favorite husband.

For 17 years I was a 5-star international chef, merrily cooking my way across the world. Until one fateful day in 2018, I decided I needed a change.

So I swapped the high-paced world of hot and sweaty kitchens for a different grind: The comfort of a co-working space where I even get free coffee (how good is that?!)

I still like to eat good meals with a happy grin
I still like to eat good meals with a happy grin

Now I spend my days creating retention marketing for major DTC brands. Here are some highlights…


Grace Rose Farm

Collected $18,168 in 3 days with 3 emails.




Increased Click Rate from 5% to 15% and increased Placed Order Rate from 5.8% to 11.3% in less than 30 days, generating $18,300 - On only the first email in the sequence.


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Jeremy Essers: The Retention Engineer